About Us


              Starmill Makina has been established as a dynamic and young company with 20 years experience in the sector to manufacture machines used in flour, semolina and feed mills and to sell to domestic and abroad. From the beginning, we always keep customer satisfaction and production quality in the foreground.

Our company has experience and know-how gained since for many years adopted the principle of the asking all details from the raw materials input to machine shipment with STARMILL quality according to the total quality management philosophy and delivering correct projects to its customers.

Starmill ®, a patented brand, has always produced the highest quality products in AR-GE based production facilities with advanced technology and has signed many projects in domestic and abroad. During the installation of flour and feed factories, it has shown a professional approach that conforms to Starmill Makina brand in all processes such as production standard, material quality, product stability and after sales technical support and it is aware of our responsibilities.The international quality management standard ISO 9001: 2008 and the international quality certificate CE have been obtained and our success have been registered.

Starmill Makina is continuing its way with specific purposes and strategies in order to increase its share in the world market, supporting to future of industry.